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In this introspective exploration, I, Ahmed Afridi, invite you to join me on a profound cinematic journey. This article is not merely a recounting of achievements; it’s a personal narrative, a reflection on the Film Industry milestones that have shaped my career.

Crafting Impactful Documentaries for Prestigious Channels

Bringing Visual Stories to Life

My journey takes flight with the creation of “Earth Quake Wave On” for DWTV in 1997, a documentary that laid the foundation for my mastery in visual storytelling. This impactful project set the stage for a career driven by a passion for narratives that resonate.

Pioneering Cross-Cultural Contributions

A significant milestone was achieved when I became the first Pakistani director to air a drama series, “The Secret Bureau of Investigation,” on India’s SAHARA TV. This marked a personal triumph, symbolizing a cross-cultural contribution to the world of television.

Contributing to the Tapestry of Bollywood

Breaking borders, I made significant contributions to Bollywood as a Post Director for iconic films, including the timeless “Godfather.” This experience enriched my storytelling palette, reflecting versatility in engaging with diverse narratives.

Orchestrating Versatility in My Directorial Canvas

Video Direction Digital Marketing Film Industry by Ahmed Afridi

Beyond Borders and Genres

My directorial canvas extends far and wide, encompassing music videos, commercials, and over 80 drama serials. From the rhythm of music videos to the concise storytelling of commercials and the expansive narratives of drama serials, each project adds a unique stroke to my directorial portfolio.

Steps to Success: 1997-2004

Diving into Visual Storytelling

The formative years witness my dive into visual storytelling with “Earth Quake Wave On” (1997). This documentary allowed me to hone my craft, setting the stage for a career defined by impactful narratives.

Collaborating with BBC Channel 4

A significant collaboration with BBC Channel 4 in 2000 resulted in the documentary “On The Line Of Life,” expanding my horizons as a director and establishing my commitment to diverse themes and narratives.

Early Recognition: Best Editing Award

Recognition for my editing prowess came early in my career, winning the Best Editing award for the telefilm “House Call” in 2002. This acknowledgment fueled my dedication to excellence in the craft.

Securing a Position in Music Video Charts

In 2004, I ventured into the vibrant world of music videos, securing the fourth position in the V Channel Chart’s top 50 best music videos for three weeks. This success showcased my ability to connect with audiences through the fusion of music and visuals.

Navigating Early Challenges and Triumphs

The early years were marked by a relentless pursuit of dreams, directing documentaries, and exploring various facets of filmmaking. Each challenge was met with dedication, contributing to the resilience that would characterize my journey.

Steps to Success: 2004-2012

Breaking Ground on Indian Television

A significant achievement was breaking ground as the first Pakistani director to have a drama series, “The Secret Bureau of Investigation,” aired on India’s SAHARA TV (2004-2006). This not only expanded the reach of Pakistani content but also fostered cross-cultural collaboration.

Venturing into Music Videos for Global Platforms

Venturing into the world of music videos (2006-2008), I directed notable works such as “Lut Gaya Chain” by Ali for SONY ENTERTAINMENT and “Sadqa” for R.D.B Music Band, showcasing my versatility in visual storytelling.

Contributing to Bollywood: Post Director in “Godfather”

Contributing to the world of Bollywood, I served as a Post Director in the film industry “Godfather” (2008). This experience provided insights into the dynamics of a different film industry, enriching my understanding of global cinema.

Global Exploration: Music Videos for PTC Punjabi India (Dubai)

The collaboration extended to PTC Punjabi India in Dubai (2010-2012), where I directed music videos. This period was characterized by a global exploration of storytelling through diverse mediums.

Steps to Success: 2012-2018

Shaping Young Minds as a Professor of Film Studies

A shift towards education saw me taking on the role of a Professor of Film Studies at the University of South Asia, Lahore (2012-2015). This period was marked by the sharing of knowledge and insights with the next generation of storytellers.

Overseeing Post Production at MEHNDI WALE HATH Geo TV

The role of overseeing post-production at MEHNDI WALE HATH Geo TV (2015-2016) allowed me to contribute to the technical aspects of television production, ensuring the seamless execution of visual narratives.

Return to Roots: Associate Producer at BBC Channel 4

Returning to my roots, I contributed as an Associate Producer at BBC Channel 4 (2016). This experience allowed me to bring my directorial insights to the production side of storytelling.

Guiding the Path of Sigma Studio

A pivotal role in guiding the direction of Sigma Studio showcased my involvement in the overall creative process, contributing to the studio’s portfolio of visual storytelling.

Revitalizing Value TV as Outsource Director

The re-launching of Value TV as an outsource director (2017) marked a period of innovation and creativity, contributing to the revitalization of the channel.

Steps to Success: 2018-2023

Embracing the Digital Era: Digital Marketing Head, University of South Asia

Embracing the digital era (2018-2020), I took on the role of Digital Marketing Head at the University of South Asia. This shift allowed me to explore the intersection of Film Industry and digital communication.

Leading Operations: Chief Operating Officer at Din News

Taking on the role of Chief Operating Officer at Din News (2020-2021), I delved into the operational aspects of a news channel, contributing to the dynamic world of media operations.

International Ventures: Project Director at Techwork Digital, USA

A foray into international projects (2021-2022) saw me serving as Project Director at Techwork Digital in the USA. This role allowed me to contribute to global digital initiatives.

Nurturing Creativity: Creative Head, Dynatech Holding Ltd

The current role as Creative Head at Dynatech Holding Ltd (2022-2023) is characterized by a focus on nurturing creativity across various projects, contributing to the dynamic landscape of creative endeavors.

Dive into My World

Digital Training and teaching Collaborations Professional life Cinematic Excellence Rise in Digital Marketing Landscape Ahmed Afridiby Digital Marketer and Filmmaker Film Industry Ahmed Afridi

As you dive into my world, you encounter a tapestry of achievements that reflect the essence of my cinematic journey.

Collaboration with BBC Channel 4: “On The Line Of Life”

Collaboration with BBC Channel 4 allowed me to explore diverse themes and narratives, contributing to the global discourse through visual storytelling.

Essence of Impactful Events: “Earth Quake Wave On” for DWTV

“Earth Quake Wave On” stands as a testament to my ability to capture the raw essence of impactful events, creating a visual narrative that resonates with audiences.

Pioneering Pakistani Drama on Indian Television: “The Secret Bureau of Investigation”

A milestone achievement was becoming the first Pakistani director to have a drama series, “The Secret Bureau of Investigation,” aired on India’s SAHARA TV.

Crafting Visual Stories: “Lut Gaya Chain” by Ali

My foray into music videos includes the captivating “Lut Gaya Chain” by Ali, showcasing the fusion of storytelling and visual aesthetics.

Curating a Diverse Portfolio: 16 Music Videos, Over 20 TV Commercials, and 2 Bollywood Films

The canvas of my creativity extends to music videos, TV commercials, and even crossing borders to contribute as a Post Director for two Bollywood films.

Steering the Direction of 80 Drama Serials

My journey in television encompasses the direction of 80 drama serials, reflecting a commitment to storytelling across diverse genres.

Conclusion: My Cinematic Odyssey Unveiled

In conclusion, my cinematic journey is a testament to the transformative power of passion, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of dreams. As I reflect on the achievements and milestones, gratitude extends to the tapestry of collaborators and supporters who have been integral to this remarkable odyssey. This journey belongs not just to me but to everyone who has been part of the stories I’ve had the privilege to tell. May this journey inspire aspiring filmmakers and industry enthusiasts to embrace the limitless possibilities within the world of Film Industry.

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FAQs: Unveiling the Maestro

What Ignited My Passion for Filmmaking?

My passion for filmmaking was ignited by a deep love for storytelling and visual arts. Early exposure to cinema sparked a creative spark that fueled my journey in the Film Industry.

How Did Contributing to Bollywood Influence My Creative Journey?

Contributing to Bollywood provided me with insights into a different film industry, enriching my understanding of global cinema and expanding my storytelling palette.

Defining Moments of My Early Career (1997-2004)

The early career was defined by directing impactful documentaries, winning awards, and securing a place in music video charts, showcasing a commitment to excellence and creativity.

Impact of Directing for SAHARA TV on Me

Directing for SAHARA TV marked a significant milestone, becoming the first Pakistani director to air a drama series on Indian television, fostering cross-cultural collaboration.

Role as Digital Marketing Head at the University of South Asia

As Digital Marketing Head, I embrace the digital era, exploring the intersection of the Film Industry and digital communication, contributing to the university’s digital presence.


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Tabinda Shahzaib
Tabinda Shahzaib
5 months ago

Ahmed Afridi’s cinematic journey serves as a powerful inspiration for both students and digital marketers.In the nuanced art of storytelling, Afridi’s contributions guide us to weave narratives that authentically reflect the essence of our nation. Transitioning into the realm of digital marketing, Afridi’s legacy acts as a guiding force, steering our strategies to engage stakeholders and amplify crucial social issues.

His pioneering spirit epitomizes the harmonious fusion of storytelling and digital marketing, motivating us to break the economic cycle and foster positive transformation in Pakistan.

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