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Arii Alexa sxt plus with ultra prime Lens full kit
Arri mini full kit
Red helium full kit
Red dragon full kit
Sony fx6 full kit
Sony fx3 full kit
Sony a7s III full kit

Ready to bring your vision to life? Experience the magic where vision meets motion. Let’s craft your cinematic masterpiece together. Contact me now and let the storytelling begin!

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Video Direction Digital Marketing Film Industry by Ahmed Afridi filmmaker

Crafting captivating narratives is our expertise. From music videos to corporate profiles, our visionary direction adds cinematic allure. Elevate your story with us, ensuring a seamless blend of creativity and professionalism

Video Direction Rates

Video Direction Rates Digital Marketing by Ahmed Afridi

Cinematography Rates

Cinematography Rates Digital Marketing by Ahmed Afridi
Cinematography Digital Marketing Entrepreneurs by Ahmed Afridi filmmaker

Unleash the power of visual storytelling with our premium cinematography services. Whether with top-tier equipment like Sony FX6, Arri Alexa, or DSLR-HD, we ensure each frame speaks volumes. Your vision, our lens – a cinematic masterpiece in the making.

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Transform raw footage into cinematic brilliance. Our seasoned editors meticulously refine each frame, ensuring a polished, engaging final product. Elevate your visuals with our editing prowess, turning moments into unforgettable stories.

Professional Video Editing Rates

Professional Video Editing Rates by Ahmed Afridi
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