Experience the magic of storytelling through my filmmaking expertise. I specialize in crafting engaging music videos, impactful short films, and polished company profiles. Let me bring your vision to life.

Music Videos, Short Films, Company Profiles:

Captivate your audience with visually stunning music videos, compelling short films, and professional company profile videos that leave a lasting impression.

Course and Lecture recorded by Ahmad Afridi Filmmaking Soundtrack

SEO,PPC advertising,Social media marketing,Content marketing,Email marketing,Analytics & reporting,CRO,Mobile marketing,Influencer marketing

As your Digital Marketing Director, I offer a holistic approach: SEO for visibility, PPC for results, Social Media for engagement, Content and Email Marketing for resonance.

Digital Marketing Entrepreneurs Film Production by Ahmed Afridi

Cinematography, Documentary, Commercials, Brand’s Videos, Private Events

Immerse your audience in visual storytelling. My expertise lies in crafting breathtaking cinematography, thought-provoking documentaries, and impactful short films. Let’s bring your vision to life.

Filmmaker Ahmad Afridi Feature Film

Learn Graphic Design, Professional Film Editing, TVC/Drama Editing and Digital marketing:

Empower your skills in Graphic Design or elevate your editing prowess. Join my courses for hands-on learning in graphic creativity or professional film and TVC editing.

Recorded Lectures and Tutorials by Ahmed Afridi

Graphic Designing, Video Editing, Filmmaking, Digital Marketing, Motivational Sessions

Experience transformative workshops with a digital expert. From graphic design and video editing to filmmaking, digital marketing, and motivation, elevate your skills and motivation.

Courses instructor Ahmed Afridi

Multifaceted filmmaker, digital marketer, trainer, music composer, COO, and project director open to diverse professional collaborations for creative excellence.

Embark on a journey of creativity and strategy with a versatile professional. As a filmmaker, digital marketer, trainer, music composer, COO, and project director, I bring a unique blend of skills. Let’s collaborate for innovative projects that transcend boundaries.

Collaborations Professional life Cinematic Excellence Rise in Digital Marketing Landscape Ahmed Afridiby Digital Marketer and Filmmaker Ahmed Afridi

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