Top 5 Best Free Script Writing Software: Format, Font, Program, Course & Classes!

Top 5 Best Free Script Writing Software: Format, Font, Program, Course & Classes!


So, you’re ready to dive into the world of script writing but don’t want to break the bank on expensive software? Well, you’re in luck! There’s a whole slew of free script writing software out there that’s perfect for beginners. In this article, we’re going to explore the Top 5 Best Free Script Writing Software, Script Writing Format, Script Writing Font, Scriptwriting Programs, where to find the best courses and classes, including ones I offer. Let’s get started!

What is Script Writing Software?

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Scriptwriting Programs
Scriptwriting Course And Classes

Scriptwriting software is designed to help writers create scripts for movies, TV shows, plays, and other forms of media. These programs provide a structured environment to draft, edit, and format your script according to industry standards. Key features often include automatic formatting, collaboration tools, and revision tracking.

Top 5 Best Free Script Writing Software

1. Celtx

Celtx is a fan favorite in the scriptwriting community. It offers a comprehensive set of tools for writing and pre-production planning.


  • Scriptwriting and storyboarding
  • Collaboration tools
  • Cloud storage


  • User-friendly interface
  • Great for collaborative projects


  • Limited offline capabilities

2. Trelby

Trelby is a straightforward, no-nonsense scriptwriting tool that gets the job done without any fuss.


  • Automatic formatting
  • Customizable interface


  • Lightweight and fast
  • Open-source and free to use


  • Lacks advanced features

3. WriterDuet

WriterDuet is perfect for writers who need robust collaboration features.


  • Real-time collaboration
  • Cloud syncing
  • Revision tracking


  • Excellent for collaborative projects
  • Intuitive design


  • Limited free version

4. Fade In Free

Fade In Free offers many features of its paid counterpart but with some limitations.


  • Automatic formatting
  • Multiple export options


  • Professional-grade features
  • Supports various file formats


  • Watermark on printed scripts

5. KIT Scenarist

KIT Scenarist is a powerful, open-source scriptwriting tool with a focus on research and development.


  • Research module
  • Index cards
  • Statistics and reports


  • Comprehensive toolset
  • Regular updates


  • Steeper learning curve

Script Writing Format

Getting the format right is crucial in scriptwriting. Standard formatting includes:

  • Title Page: The script’s title, writer’s name, and contact information.
  • Scene Headings: Indicate the location and time of day (e.g., INT. HOUSE – DAY).
  • Action Lines: Describe the setting, characters, and actions.
  • Character Names: Centered and capitalized.
  • Dialogue: Indented from the character name.

Script Writing Font

Choosing the right font is more important than you might think. The industry standard is Courier, size 12. This font ensures that each page of your script represents approximately one minute of screen time, which is a crucial guideline in the film industry. Consistency is key, so stick with Courier for all elements of your script. Here are some examples of popular script fonts and where you can find them:

Formal Script Fonts:

These fonts are typically elegant and sophisticated, and they’re perfect for wedding invitations, logos, and other formal occasions. Some examples include:

  1. Pacifico: A playful and bouncy script font that’s perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your designs.
  2. Lobster: A classic and versatile script font that can be used for a variety of purposes.
  3. Dancing Script: A more formal and elegant script font that’s perfect for wedding invitations and other formal occasions.

    Casual Script Fonts:

    These fonts are more informal and playful, and they’re perfect for invitations, greeting cards, and other casual projects. Some examples include:

    1. Aguafina Script: A casual and handwritten script font that’s perfect for adding a personal touch to your designs.

    2. Brush Script: These fonts mimic the look of brush lettering, and they’re perfect for creating a hand-painted look.

    3. Comic Book Fonts: These fonts are inspired by the lettering used in comic books, and they’re perfect for creating a fun and whimsical look.

    Free fonts for Scriptwriting

    1. Google Fonts: offers a large library of free fonts, including many script fonts.

    2. DaFont: is another popular website that offers a wide variety of free fonts, including script fonts.

    3. MyFonts: is a website where you can buy fonts from a variety of different foundries.

    Scriptwriting Programs

    Apart from the free options we’ve discussed, there are several popular scriptwriting programs worth mentioning:

    1. Final Draft: The industry standard, known for its comprehensive feature set and robust tools.

    2. Movie Magic Screenwriter: Offers powerful tools for both writers and production staff.

    3. Scrivener: Great for writers who work on both scripts and other types of writing.

    These programs provide advanced features and are widely used in the industry, but they come at a cost. If you’re just starting out, the free software options mentioned earlier should serve you well.

    Scriptwriting Course and Classes

    Customer-Reviews-and-Testimonials-Marketing-Strategies Best Free Script Writing Software

    If you’re looking to elevate your scriptwriting skills, I offer both online and physical classes designed to cater to all levels of experience. Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to refine your craft, my courses provide comprehensive training and personalized feedback. If you’re interested in joining, feel free to contact me for more details!


    Navigating the world of scriptwriting is easier with the right tools and knowledge. We’ve covered top free scriptwriting software like Celtx and WriterDuet, essential formatting guidelines, and the importance of using the right font. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to improve, these resources will help you create professional scripts. For further learning, consider joining my scriptwriting course. Happy writing!


    1. What is the best free scriptwriting software for beginners?

    For beginners, Celtx and Trelby are excellent choices due to their user-friendly interfaces and robust features.

    2. Can free script writing software be used for professional projects?

    Absolutely! Many professionals use free software like Celtx and KIT Scenarist for their projects.

    3. What are the standard script writing formats?

    Standard script writing formats include title pages, scene headings, action lines, character names, and dialogue. Consistency in formatting is key.

    4. How important is font choice in script writing?

    Font choice is very important. The industry standard is Courier, size 12, as it ensures readability and consistency in timing.

    5. Are there any free courses for learning script writing?

    Yes, platforms like Coursera and Udemy offer free courses. Additionally, YouTube has many free tutorials that can help you get started.


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